Stad en Ommeland

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A project to bring the city of Groningen and its environs together, I wanted to let the citizens of Groningen experience the environs by literally bringing it to them.

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Take a piece of land from the environs and place it in a box, the shape of which resembles the typical farm archetypes which dot the landscape of the province.Bij dag 00IMG_1207 Aangepast


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This box of land is then put up on a scaffold. Visitors can walk underneath it and put their heads inside to suddenly find themselves on the countryside. They can then see and smell the land while engaging in intimate eye contact with other visitors.

conceptbeeld.jpg3 boxes, each resemble a different farm archetype and each have a different part of land inside them. Each a characteristic of the province: grassland, clay from the Wadden sea and sugar beets farm land.


groningen kaartWithin the boxes coordinates and a stylised map is engraved to show visitors where the land they are seeing came from.

visualisatie dingAt night the boxes lit up with white light as a beacon for the curious.

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Stad en Ommeland was a project commissioned for the Noorderzon festival. In the contest it became one of the 3 finalists.